How to apply

To apply for the 2018/2019 school year, please download our registration form

We still have openings in the 3/4s class!!

An Immunization Record must be completed by the students physician and students must have all age appropriate immunizations. Students must be fully immunized according to the CDC immunization schedule to be admitted to school, unless the student has a medical exemption filled out by their doctor.

If accepted to the school, additional health forms for children and volunteering adults will be required. All requests will be included in the Welcome Packet.

A completed application consists of the following:

1. A filled out Application Form

2. A $60.00 application fee (check) + $20.00 for each additional child

3. A copy of your childs vaccine record from your Physician ( for NEW students only)

If you have any questions related to these forms, please contact

Please be thorough when filling out the application form. Use a separate application form for each child. Indicate your preference by number ranking (i.e. the number one will identify your first choice, the number two your second choice and so on). Only rank those classes that you are willing to attend and that are age-appropriate for your child.

Return your completed application form with your non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 ($20.00 for each additional child). Please make your check payable to “LGSONS”.

Applications requiring a receipt signature will not be accepted.

All applicants will receive a written response to their application. Those qualified applicants not placed in a class will automatically be placed on a waiting list and notified if a spot becomes available throughout the school year.