About Our School

LGSONS was founded in 1956 by Betty Peck as a farm school for her children Bill & Anna. Originally the school was located on the farm of the late Harold & Louise Easterbrook, which was located right behind the Quito Fire Station on Los Gatos Saratoga Road. The school moved to Saratoga Springs Park in 1958, when the original farm was sold. In 1973 classes began to meet at the Little Red Schoolhouse at Lakeside School for the winter months where we continue to meet today as well.

The school was established to include parent education as well as nursery school activities for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Saturday classes were added for kids aged 2 years in 1977 and kids aged 3 to 5 years in 1998, so that working parents could have an opportunity to participate in the school.

Our focus is on PLAY, on being OUTSIDE in a natural setting, and on LEARNING to get along with others.


(408) 395-2892



19601 Black Road

Los Gatos, CA 95030


Read more on our bylaws & operating policies here.

Parent Participation

Attend one class session per week for 32 weeks.

If your child is enrolled in the 3s class, you will watch one other child during class one day per week.

If your child is enrolled in the 3/4s or 4/5s class, you will watch two other children during class one day per week.

Write 20 in-class observations per year.

Participate in the school's annual fundraiser:

- work with the parents in your class to create a unique project for a silent auction;

- and contribute volunteer hours at our annual fundraiser.

Participation in the class project is required, but you may buy out of your fundraising requirement for $450.