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2015-2016 Mountain School Raffle, Family BBQ, Auction


Winter Raffle

Date: Begins January 11, 2016

Adult-only evening on Febuary 28, 2016

Location: TBD


Family BBQ

Date: April 30, 2016

Family event with auction, games, Maypole, and music

Location: TBD


Online Buy-a-Spots / Auction

Date: TBD


This is Mountain School’s fundraisers for the 2015-2016 school year which include a unique event for each trimester. The 1st trimester fundraiser is the Turkey Trot. The 2nd trimester fundraiser is the Winter Raffle and Adult-only evening with the raffle drawing. The 3rd trimester includes a Family BBQ with many fun activites. During each trimester will also be online buy-a-spots and auctions. These are great opportunities to enjoy an time with fellow parents, teachers, alumni, and friends while supporting the school.


Participation in this important fundraiser is school-wide. Coming together to create this wonderful event is a big part of the experience and social fabric of our community.


stay tuned for further details about the 2015-2016 Mountain School Fundraisers



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