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Email Troubleshooting

If you are having problems receiving emails from your class list, please review the following suggestions.


Incorrect address?

Perhaps we just have the wrong email address for you. First, check your class roster. If the roster is incorrect, please contact the webmaster with your correction. Or, if the roster is correct, you can contact the webmaster to make sure

we entered the address properly in the mailing list system. In either case, please make sure to include your name and your child's class with your email.


Caught in a spam filter?

This is the more common cause of email delivery problems. Either your email program or your ISP may think your class email is spam and decide not to bother you with it.

  1. Check your email program's spam folder, which may be called "Junk," "Spam," "Bulk," or something similar. Did you find an LGSONS email in there? Here's what you can do:
    • Add lgsons.com and/or your specific class list (e.g. "threes@lgsons.com") to your "Safe Senders" list or "Whitelist."
    • Add your class list (e.g. "threes@lgsons.com"), your teacher's email address, and "all@lgsons.com" to your Address book.

    If your Junk mail folder is empty, you should check whether your email program is set to automatically delete spam. If so, we suggest changing this setting so that suspected spam gets moved to the spam folder but not deleted. This will help you troubleshoot your email.

  2. If the problem is with your ISP, things may be trickier.
    • First, find out if your ISP or email provider will allow you to put an address on a Whitelist. If so, add your class email list (e.g. "threes@lgsons.com") and "all@lgsons.com", or, if possible, the whole lgsons.com domain.
    • Contact your provider's technical support to inquire about the problem. They may be able to tell you whether they blocked a school email and what you can do about it.
    • The Berkeley Parents Network has some more helpful information about dealing with spam filters, especially if Comcast is your email provider.
  3. Still can't figure out what's wrong? Email the webmaster (webmaster@LGSONS.com) and we'll try to help.



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