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LGSONS was founded in 1956 by Betty Peck as a farm school and named after its caretakers, the late Harold and Louise Easterbrook, who owned property including a farm with hillsides of sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, horses and orchards between Austin Way and Bainter Avenue, behind the Quito Fire Station on Los Gatos Saratoga Road.  She started the school for her own children, Bill and Anna, and Anna's children have now both been through the school.  In 1958 when the original farm was sold,  the school moved to Saratoga Springs Park where we still meet today in the fall and spring for approximately 6 weeks each season.  In 1973 classes began to meet at Lakeside School for the winter months where we continue today as well. 

Parents have always attended, writing  observations from the very first years. The school was established to include parent education as well as nursery school activities for children from 2 - 5 years and had a long association with the Los Gatos Saratoga adult education department.  We now operate under the auspices of LGS Recreation.

The Sat. morning class for 2s was added in 1977 and the Sat afternoon class for 3,4,5s was added in 1998 so that working parents would also have an opportunity to participate in the school. 

As always the focus remains on play, on being outside in a natural setting and learning to get along with others.


Parent Participation Requirements

  1. Attend 1 entire class session per week. There are 32 weeks in the school year. 
    If you are enrolled in a two-day program, you are required to care for one other child during class, one day per week.  If you are enrolled in a three-day program, you are required to care for two other children during class, one day per week (see Family Partnerships below)
  2. Participate in 9 evening parent education meetings (per family) per year.
  3. Write 20 in-class observations per year.
  4. Work 4 hours (per family) on scheduled maintenance day per year.
  5. Participate in the school's major fundraising activity: contribute volunteer hours by serving on a fundraising committee; work with other parents in their class to create a unique class project for auction. You may buy out of your fundraising requirement for $450.00.


Family Partnerships

For classes where students attend more than once a week, parents are only required to attend on their designated work day. Family Partnerships are formed by the first evening (Circle) meeting of each class and provide opportunities for your child to develop a special relationship with his/her family partners. For the parents, Family Partnerships ensure children are supported at school and that parents have a small group to share the in-class responsibilities and logistics of being a part of the school. 


For a copy of the current bylaws and operating policies:




Operating Policies


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